Hi, I’m Jeremy. I have always believed actions speak louder than words. When I was 22, I launched my first startup: Prestige Food Trucks. While most people were graduating college and looking for their first entry level job, I was managing the nation’s leading custom food truck & trailer manufacturer which has generated tens of millions in revenue since inception.

The crazy thing? I didn’t stop there. Since then, I’ve partnered up with a shark from the television show Shark Tank, been named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30, impacted over 3,000 business leaders to scale their companies with my company’s training material, and more!




My career has been comprised of building success story after success story, with my own businesses and the businesses of my clients. After serving on several advisory boards, assisting many companies in their growth as a strategic consultant, and investing heavily on my own personal and business development, I’m confident that I have the experience to help virtually any other business grow as well.

My main passion and focus right now is helping already successful businesses scale their customer acquisition and ultimately their revenue through running effective paid traffic online. If you have a successful business that needs help acquiring customers online, you may qualify to work with me and my team. Before you even apply, here are a few key qualities that you’ll have to align with:

  • A willingness to invest extensive time and monetary resources for long-term growth.
  • The desire to constantly improve as an individual and as a business.
  • An ability to accept direction from others, to positively impact growth.


While I never set out to be a professional speaker, I have been asked multiple times over my career to speak at corporate events and company retreats. When I do speak at an event, you can expect me to share my knowledge on tactics that I’ve used to effectively scale businesses.


I Have Worked With


If you’d like to try and reach out to me about something other than my consulting services or about booking me for a speaking gig, please utilize this form.
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