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At only 22 years old,

I started a food truck manufacturer called Prestige Food Trucks. In five years, I went from a startup food truck manufacturer to an industry leader. I now create custom trucks for national brands like Taco Bell, Texas Roadhouse, Dunkin’ Donuts, White Castle and many, many others. The explosive growth that I had in this industry, got me many accolades, but I’m most proud of being named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30.

More recently, I was a co-founder at Unicorn Innovations, with my friend Maxwell Finn. Unicorn Innovations is the parent company to a few amazing brands focused on helping businesses scale through acquiring more customers with paid traffic. Unicorn Innovations is also the owner to multiple eCommerce brands where we implement the strategies that we teach to get amazing results on our own companies.

I have also been...

A member of the board at Hope Now International since 2015. Hope Now International has served Central Florida students and their families by providing school supplies, backpacks, haircuts, vision screenings, dental screenings, health screenings, nutrition and resource advocates. I have also served as a lead Business developer for multiple companies, including Firetainment and KevinHarrington TV.

Although impressive, I will be the first to tell you that I have a lot to learn. I’m constantly working on improving my businesses along with my personal life to achieve my goals and better support those around me. My current focus is on taking the knowledge that I’ve acquired and that I’m continually learning and using that to help other people scale their businesses.


I have teamed up with

Jeremy Adams thinks too big...

To put him in a nutshell, but here are a few words that define this co-founder and CEO of Unicorn Innovations; a paid advertising firm that has generated hundreds of millions in traceable revenue for many internationally recognized partners and clients:


Growing up in Ocala, Florida, Jeremy started out waiting tables and he ended up creating an industry-leading food truck business after he dropped out of college; Prestige Food Trucks. Named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30, he was also a founding partner of Quantum Media with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and Maxwell Finn. Now, as CEO of Unicorn Innovations, Jeremy has a deep passion for growing businesses and adding value to all parties in the process.


Jeremy believes in giving back and serves on the board of both Goodwill of Central Florida and Hope Now International. Through these organizations, he benefits local Florida communities with job helps, home buying opportunities and assistance for school-aged children.


Committed to ongoing training, Jeremy has attended personal development retreats all over North America. He has aggressively sought advancement through firms like Sandler Sales Training and currently is being mentored by business masterminds. Jeremy also proves that “leaders are readers” through his extensive audiobook repertoire.

Jeremy Adams enjoys starting his daily routine from anywhere in his worldwide home office. When he’s not growing businesses, giving or learning, you might find him watching international soccer, enjoying a great restaurant or deep in a meaningful, long-form discussion.

Recently, Jeremy partnered in a handful of new ventures that include: and
And even had his own podcast for a year, that had its fair share of controversy:



I have entered into many partnerships in my professional career and I know what makes them work. I am always looking for new partnership opportunities.


I help businesses of every size find strategic opportunities in order to cultivate commercial success.


The most crucial part of any business, growing revenue, is often the most difficult to get right. I can quickly assess a company’s revenue “health” and find solutions for growth.
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